Beyoncé and Balmain join forces for Renaissance couture collection


Bey and Balmain unveil their new collection

partners with Balmain for Renaissance couture collection to compliment her latest album. Designed with help of Olivier Rousteing, the collection was unveiled on Vogue's latest cover. Rousteing explained that he sketched the collection while listening to Bey's album.

The venture has been in the works for the past five months and comes with 16 designs to correspond to the 16 songs on the album.

“I was sketching and sketching as I listened, and sometimes you can't control the emotion of your sketch,” Rousteing said. “And I started to imagine the sketches inside her album, how they would relate to the songs and the lyrics. It wasn't something I was supposed to be doing but I was just inspired by the to do it. And that's how this started.”

He added, “I contacted Marni [Senofonte, Beyoncé's stylist] and B. And I said, ‘Honestly, I want to create a couture collection with you.' And they were like, ‘Wow, that's a big surprise.”

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