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Ice-T announces upcoming double-disk compilation album


Ice-T says the compilation album will include six new songs

Legendary rapper is putting together a two-disc compilation album in vinyl format. Titled The Legend of Ice-T: Crime Stories Vol. 1 & 2, the project will compromise records from his past albums and will as well include six new songs that see him storytelling. Ice made the revelation during a recent interview with Allhiphop.

“I got a project coming out and it's called…First, I've never spoken on it yet… It's called, The Legend of ICE-T “Crime Stories” Vol 1 & 2” the rapper revealed.

“It's a compilation of all my story rhymes from all eight albums and about six new songs that are all story-based,” he added. “You know, they say is the king of stories. I'm coming for that throne. Wait till you hear this. These are all my story records from ‘6 'N the Mornin'' to ‘Midnight' and all these adventures put into one album. It's a double vinyl release, it has two vinyls and it's gonna be like a classic collector's piece. The it's titled The Legend of ICE-T is because a lot of things people believe about me are legend.”

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