Bow Wow says Nelly played a part in settling his differences with Jermaine Dupri


Bow Wow says Nelly mediated between him and Jermaine Dupri

credits for helping set aside his differences with . Bow and Dupri had been going into it with the former not being very proud of signing with the latter, but Dupri also claimed credit for Bow's success. But it looks like Nelly helped the two bury the hatchet.

“The best way to explain it without going way too deep into it- and I told him this because we had a real talk recently,” Bow Wow explained on Math Hoffa's podcast. “Last month, I pulled up to the studio, and Nelly had to be there to be the mediator. I said, ‘I'll come inside when you there. But you gotta be there. You gotta be right in the middle of this s**t.‘

“Nelly's like an uncle, like a big brother,” he added. “So I walk in and I told [Jermaine Dupri] to my face like, ‘You like Star Wars so much, right? That's what we is. You Obi-Wan and I'm Anakin.‘ That's all it is. That's the relationship. I'm the young n***a who wanted all the info. I'm ready to go, I'm ready to go and it's, ‘No, Bow Wow…' That's all Anakin was. Obi was the teacher, Anakin was the student. When Anakin wanted to go out, get it cracking, ‘No, Anakin. Stand back, you not ready.'

“So that's the whole thing is that we're the same, very competitive,” the Ohio rapper continued. “I'm smart because I learned from you, could potentially be even smarter because I had three n***as who I learned s**t from. You had no one you learned s**t from. So I learned from you, I learned from Snoop, I learned from Puff, I learned from . Like listen sometimes, but JD is stubborn though.”

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