Jim Jones backs up his claim that Drake is greater than Jay-Z


Jimmy insists that Drizzy has accomplished more than Hov in rap

continues to place on top of when it comes to greatness. During a conversation on Caviar on Thursday (April 6), Capo expounded that Drake has achieved more success than Jay in rap , making him the greater.

“Drake is the only one that gets played anyplace on this Earth, and they're gonna know it in English,” Jimmy said. “If you're not putting Drake in the Top 2 of all time, like, what are we gonna do? We gonna keep putting shade on his name? He has broke every single statistic, period. You heard?”

He added: “Okay, JAY-Z has done some shit for Hip Hop that will never, ever be duplicated. He is HOV.”

The rapper continued that what Jay has done for Hip Hop in unquestionable, but he hasn't put out “music in the last six to seven years that was really hittin' out here in these streets.”

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