Fridayy says Jay-Z saved his vocals from being removed from “God Did”


Fridayy says Hov is a humble man

has been lucky enough to interact with and he learnt that the billionaire rapper in not only humble, but also caring. Speaking to Angela Yee on her Way Up , Fridayy recently revealed that his hook was about to be scrapped from 's Grammy-nominated single, “God Did,” but Jay came for his help.

“JAY-Z's cooler than a lot of little n-ggas,” the singer declared. “You know how little n-ggas be in on some cocky shit? JAY-Z really like a cool n-gga. When I'm next to him, I don't feel like he a celebrity. [He comes across like] a regular person, saying regular jokes.”

He added, “I remember during the [] performance, we're taking a picture and he's like, ‘You know I fought for you right?' I'm like, ‘What you mean?' He's like, ‘They was trying to take you off the record.' Dead-ass serious.

“But Khaled been told me JAY-Z fought for you. But hearing it from him, he was like, ‘Bro, when I heard your voice it just sounded hungry.' And then he gon' tell me, ‘When you make it, don't forget about me.'”

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