2Pac once roughed up someone who stole from the backstage, Chuck D recalls


Chuck says Pac wanted to “ride” for his crew

is not only famous for his classic catalog, he's also remembered as a man who stood for what he believed in. 's recently sat down with Sway in the Morning where he recalled an incident from the ‘90's where Pac confronted a thief who stole something from the backstage while they were on tour.

“Quick story about ‘Pac: we were in Oklahoma City one time, and somebody went and stole stuff out of the backstage. I think they stole some equipment — a hat, whatever — and they found the dude,” Chuck told Angela. “And they said, ‘Is this the dude?' And ‘Pac said, somebody told him that was the dude. And ‘Pac went upside this dude's head. I said, ‘Yo, ‘Pac, it's not that deep man. But ‘Pac wanted to prove, ‘Listen, I'm ridin' for y'all!' Well, ‘Pac, we don't want you to get arrested in OKC, man, it's alright.”

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