Conway The Machine says he wishes Benny The Butcher and Freddie Gibbs never beefed


The Machine says both Benny and Freddie are his friends

doesn't like how the situation ended up between his teammate and Freddie Giggs. Benny and Freddie were on each other's necks in 2022 and went back and forth online. Conway was recently chopping it up with on Off The Record when the Benny and Freddie topic came up.

Conway made it clear that he was frustrated that two of his friends were at odds. “It's a fucked up situation for me, personally, man,” Conway explained. “That n***a Gibbs my n***a, man. I wish that shit never happened. … I would love to squash that. I wish I could have. If I was there, I don't know if that would've happened. I'm talking about none of it, not just the shit that they talking about. I'm talking about the shit that [came] before.

“I just wish that shit never happened, man. Gibbs, I just know how he do, man. He's a funny dude on that internet shit and on and stuff,” he added. “He was wrong, I've spoke with people. But I don't wanna say too much, man. Gibbs my n***a regardless. I don't give a fuck. And Benny my cousin, I'm riding with Benny regardless of whatever happens. But if it was up to me, none of that shit would've never happened. None of it.”

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