Ja Rule plans to sell his catalog, but under one condition


Ja wants to explore the business of selling catalogs

is looking forward to joining the list of artists selling their catalogs, but wants his deal to be different. During an interview with Bloomberg this week, Ja revealed that he is planning to sell part of his catalog, but wants his family to be able to retrieve it later on.

“I've found out recently that my catalog is very lucrative,” Ja explained. “So I'll be looking [to sell]. I've really been talking about doing a reversion deal where I would probably give up half my catalog and it would revert back to my family.

“I think it's kinda hard to put a number on the value. Usually, the value of the starts to go down as the artist starts to go away. The value of the music starts to depreciate.”


#Rapper and media mogul Ja Rule says he's weighing. selling his #music catalogue. He sat down with Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu and Romaine Bostick to discuss the value of music. #musictiktok #JaRuke #rap

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The “Livin' It Up” rapper added: “So it's kinda weird but what's happening now is right now we get less than a fraction of a cent for a stream, but that number is going up. It's going up to about 15 percent. So with that happening, I think a lot of these companies are realizing the money that's out there.”

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