Snoop Dogg recalls Pharrell Williams making him step up his game on “Drop It Like It’s Hot”


Snoop couldn't let Pharrell “outrap” him

and joined forces in 2004 to create one of the biggest songs of all time, “Drop It Like It's Hot,” which became a No. 1 hit. The Long Beach rapper recently appeared on Audible's From The Streets series where he shared the story behind the making of the record.

“['s] in the back with the keyboards, it's just him and the engineer,” Snoop remembers in a video obtained by . “He ain't even got the beat all the way made. This how this n-gga get down, he don't say words, he just [imitates Pharrell's vocalizations], so it's my job to make that shit make sense!”

He went on, “This n-gga done took the bar all the way … I cannot let Pharrell out-rap me on my muthafuckin' song!”

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