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Beanie Sigel reveals he will utilize AI on his upcoming project


Beanie has a new project on the way

is putting together a new project. During a recent sit-down with DJUTV, the rapper explained that he will make use of AI on the forthcoming body of work to bring back his old voice.

“New project coming soon… I think I found a good friend with this AI thing,” he said. “A lot of people frown on AI, but I think that's gonna work for me. … I've had a colorful life, so I've been through things that hindered my [voice].”

The Philly native added, “It's definitely for me. I was talking to somebody and they told me how you program the AI—you run the vocals through this… Y'all want, what they say, the ‘old Beans' back? ‘Cause the pen's still there. It's just the voice. If y'all want that, I'ma shoot y'all something. So I'm gonna use AI on myself.”

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