Outlawz member says 2Pac was ‘kind of paranoid’ in his last days of life


Pac was purportedly cautious during the time leading to his death

's life and death is never short of new claims made by people who used to be around him. During a sit-down on The Art of Dialogue over the weekend, member alleged that the All Eyez on Me composer was likely paranoid in the days leading to his tragic demise.

“I remember when he first went back [to ] — this is a week before he got killed,” Napoleon recalled. “When we went to New York, it was tense. They had him staying in some hotel — I forget the name of it, but it's in the middle of the city.

“While everybody was chillin', doing their thing, I'm just in the window…saying nothing. […] And Pac walked over to me, because he was like, ‘[He] actin' weird.' […] I said, ‘Pac, I'm watching everybody in this hotel.' And he was shocked. But that's how he had us, because he was kind of paranoid,” he added.

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