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Cee Lo Green sang backup vocals on TLC’s “Waterfalls”

Cee lo Green sang on TLC's Waterfalls

“Waterfalls” was the biggest hit from TLC, spent seven weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, went platinum, and received a Grammy nomination for Record of the Year. The single was the third single from the trios 1995 album ‘CrazySexyCool’ released by LaFace and Artista Records. Cee Lo Green sang backup vocals on TLC’s 1995 hit single “Waterfalls.”

During the time “Waterfalls” was being recorded Cee-Lo was signed to LaFace Records, the same label that TLC was signed to. Cee Lo Green was in the studio while the song was being recorded.

“He was chilling in the studio, so I was like ‘Hey, you sing good, why don’t you [sing backup]?’” T-Boz of TLC told Fuse TV in an interview on the making of “Waterfalls”. “He was in Goodie Mob, we grew up together, we go way back. “Then everybody knew him as a rapper, but we loved his voice so we said ‘sing on this,’ so he did, and it was amazing! And now the world knows him as a singer, but he was like that years ago.” she said.

Watch the full interview below for more facts on “Waterfalls,” including details about Left Eye’s verse

Cee-Lo recalled to The Guardian newspaper March 22, 2008: “I was working at the same studio and of course I know the girls too, because we were on the same label, so they just asked me. I didn’t realize at the time what a big song it was going to be.”

“Waterfalls” was the first No. 1 single to talk about AIDS.

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