E-40 on today’s state of rap – ‘Everyone sounds the same’


E-40 also wants current rappers to check negativity in their songwriting

E- appeared on CBS Mornings earlier this month where he shared his take on the current wave of rappers. The Mount Westmore rapper lamented that rappers are putting less emphasis on creativity.

“I don't like where it's at,” he stated. “Because I feel like it's not enough creativity. Everyone sounds the same. A lot of copycats.”

When it comes to morality, E-40 urged artists to balance things out and not lean too much on negative content. “I'm not tryna act like I'm hella positive,” E-40 said. “But I am because I'm a storyteller. The things that sound like they ain't positive, I talk about the repercussions and consequences if you do this. I'm a storyteller.”

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