Jam Master Jay murder trial: Witness narrates rapper’s killing during stand


Jam Master Jay murder trial is ongoing

's murder trial is underway and on Thursday (February 1), witness Uriel “Tony” Rincon took stand and described how defendants Karl Jordan Jr. and Ronald Washington committed the crime.

“[Jordan] walked directly to Jay and gave a potential handshake, a half a handshake…That's when I hear a couple of shots. I dropped my phone looked at him [Jordan] at the same time I see Jay fall,” he testified. “As I see Jay falling, I see Jordan shrug Jay off him.”

Rincon explained that he couldn't cooperate with the authorities in time because he feared for his mother's safety. “I did not tell [authorities] who shot him because I was scared,” he stated. “I was surprised at what I saw and what happened.

“I was walking back to the car with my mom when Little D [Jordan] came up to me with a couple of friends and asked if I saw who did it…I said no. I felt uncomfortable that he was probing to see if I did… I was scared and not trusting of the situation.”

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