Joyner Lucas compares reaching out to Eminem to calling President


Joyner describes Eminem's elusiveness

is marvelled by how evasive is within the industry. During an appearance on The Breakfast Club, the Massachusetts native explained how difficult it is to get to Slim Shady due to his buttoned-up character.

“Getting on the phone with him, you can probably hop on the phone quicker with Barack [Obama] than you can hop on the phone with Marshall,” Joyner said. “That n-gga's calling you from a line with his manager's assistant who is calling you from a 1800 number and it's like elevator and, ‘Please hold, Marshall's coming to the phone.'”

He added, “You can't have his number. Nobody has his number. He's not accessible. You can't talk to him. It's like hopping on the phone with the president.”

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