Travis Scott believes Grammy Awards are still worth his while – ‘I hold on to’


Travis still hopes to win a Grammy

has been nominated for Grammy Awards ten times in his career, yet, he has never copped a single trophy. During a recent interview on The Shop, the Utopia rapper revealed that he still looks forward to winning one of the historic awards some day.

“A lot of our peers everyone's like, ‘F–k that award.' I f–k with it. You play football to win a Super Bowl, you play basketball to win championships. It's what that Grammy used to mean is the idea I hold on to. I love to create ,” Travis said.

“That award is just like at one point was held up to a higher stature, but I still believe it, in a sense. It's crazy 's not on TV. It's like, you sit there and they air the rap award at 2 or 1:30, but you gotta perform at 8:30. So imagine losing at 1:30 and having to sit there for seven hours? Like f–k this s–t, you be like, ‘I wanna just dip. F–k this s–t.”

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