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The Mercedes Ladies were the first all-female rap group

The Mercedes Ladies, which consisted of Sheri Sher, DJ RD Smiley, Tracy T, Eve-a-Def, Zena-Z, DJ La Spank, and DJ Baby D were founded Circa 1976-1979, making them the first all-female rap group. The Mercedes Ladies were the sister group to the Original L Brothers. DJ Grand Wizard Theodore, Mean Gene, Busy Bee Starski, (not Lovebug) The Mercedes Ladies performed with such acts as Kevie-Kev, Busy Bee Starski, Master Rob, Bambaataa, Red Alert, Kool Herc, The Furious Five, The Cold Crush Brothers, Grandmixer DST, etc. The Mercedes Ladies hosted parties and would rap lyrics for the crowd. The group never released music because they never recorded any or had a record deal.

DJ Grand Wizard Theodore taught Baby D how to scratch.

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