Russ’ Independent Music Earnings Went From $626 in June 2015 to $102,000 in June 2016


From the outside looking in, it may appear that another person's success happened overnight, but, that's usually never true.

For Russ, his success did not come overnight. After much time of grinding and putting his 10,000 hours in, he was able to see his independent earnings go from $626 in June 2015 to $102,000 in June 2016.

*Numbers are fair estimates as ran through the numbers on the video.

June 2015: $626

July 2015: $1100

August 2015: $1500

September 2015: $3000

October 2015: $4200

November 2015: $4600

December 2015: $8200

January 2016: $16,000

February 2016: $18,000

March 2016: $20,000

April 2016: $25,000

May 2016: $73,000

June 2016: $102,000

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Russ admitted that he's not surprised at the numbers he did over the course of year, stating, he's worked very hard for the income to manifest.

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