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Eazy-E once attended a Republican Party fundraiser in Washington D.C.

Eazy-E and President George H.W. Bush

Eric Wright—also known as—Eazy-E was the first rapper to attend an event with a president, then President George H.W. Bush. President George H.W. Bush didn’t invite Eazy-E, nor did he know he was coming. Eazy-E had accidentally received a fundraising letter from the RNC to join The Republican Inner Circle dinner at a price of $1250 a plate. Eazy-E and his manager Jerry Heller attended the dinner in 1991 and spent a total of $2,500. Arnold Schwarzenegger was also in attendance.

Eazy-E’s manager Jerry Heller, wrote about the experience in his book Ruthless: A Memoir saying,

…As it turned out, we had a pretty okay time. We ate poached salmon and roast beef. (Eazy E) sat next to a woman from Dallas, who I would bet had never mixed socially with a person of color before in her long and well-heeled life. I expected her to start talking about ‘the problem of the Negro.’ I think she was actually afraid to look at the short African-American next to her, so she didn’t notice that (Eazy E’s) eyes looked like a couple of all-black marbles. “Nobody’s been that stoned in the White House since Gerald Ford’s kid Jack smoked dope on the White House roof. And Eazy had better weed that Jack Ford ever did.

Ice Cube’s dissed Eazy-E and N.W.A on his track “No Vaseline” where he repeats the phrase “I never had dinner with the President.”

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