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Tyler, the Creator originally wrote “Glitter” for Justin Bieber


During FLOWER BOY: a conversation with The Carmichael ‘s Jerrod Carmichael, Tyler, the Creator revealed he originally wrote Flower Boy's 13th song Glitter for .

“I love ' because it was hard drums, pretty chords, and people trying to outrun themselves hitting those gospel runs, and it just always got to me,” he said. “I wrote ‘Glitter' for Bieber.. I wanted Justin to have that. I thought he would be so cool doing that, but he never returned the call. I was just like, ‘Fu– it, I'll write it and just make it cool.'” – Tyler, the Creator told Jerrod Carmichael.

Tyler, the Creator also wrote “Bimmer” and EARFQUAKE for Justin Bieber, but Justin hasn't accepted any of Tyler's songs yet.

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Watch FLOWER BOY: a conversation below!

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