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YG’s ‘My Krazy Life’ album was originally titled ‘I’m From Bompton’


YG‘s , My Krazy—released on March 18, 2014—was almost named I'm 4rm Bompton, a title that represents his native Compton, California, and Blood affiliation—The “C” being replaced with a “B”.

In a 2013 interview with Complex, revealed how during a conversation with —who executively produced My Krazy Life,  pointed out the title could potentially alienate a wider audience..

“He asked me who do I want to support my album? Do I want a certain type of people or do I want the whole world? I told him I want the whole world. If my album was called I'm 4rm Bompton it means like, I'm gangbanging, so certain people might feel some type of way. They won't purchase my album because I'm gangbanging, they ain't with what I'm with. So I'd be like fucking myself up, low-key.” YG said.

My Krazy Life debuted at No. 2 on the Hot 200 and sold 61,000 first week.

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