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Biggie planned on forming a rap group called “The Commission” with Jay-Z


Prior to Biggie sadly passing away in March 1997, he planned on forming a group called The Commission.

At the very beginning of 's “What's Beef,” you hear him say “The Commission”— which was going to be made up of Biggie himself (Franke White), Jay-Z (Iceberg Slim), Puff Daddy, Lance ‘Un' Rivera —Producer (Uncle Paulie), Lil' Cease— Biggie's cousin (Caesar Leo DeGenero) and Charli Baltimore— a female rapper who had a romantic relationship with Biggie at one time.

“The Commission:
Uncle Paulie, P. , Cease-A-Leo DeGenero (yeahhh)
Charli Baltimore, Iceberg Slim
The most shady, Frankie Baby
We here (do you know what beef is?)
We ain't goin' nowhere (do you know what beef is?)
Uh-uh (ask yourself, do you know what beef is?)
Uh-uh, uhh”

Jay-Z and Biggie

The group never released any songs together but Biggie and had already collaborated on “'s Finest,” “I Love the Dough” and “Young G's”.

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