Fivio Foreign’s stage name comes from Italian model, Fabio Lanzoni


talks to Vlad about the origin of his name

Fivio Foreign is a prominent talented artist out of the , NY. The late always said Fivio was talented, and he was correct — “Big Drip,” “Wetty” and “Drive By” are songs that speak for themselves.

In an interview with VLAD TV, Fivio spoke on how he hot his name.

“My man Dot used to call me ‘Fabio [Lanzoni],” Fivio explained to Vlad. “I used to have the bitches doing anything that I want. I ain't have all the bitches, but the bitches I did have, they went viral for me… He was like, ‘you Fabio. But, I don't know who Fabio is. I'm like ‘oh, he gotta be saying Fivio. So I just put it in my name. I think I put it on Facebook.”

3 minute mark in interview:

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