Donald Glover says next album will be his “biggest by far”


will be dropping a and speaks on season 3 and 4

hardly ever takes to social media to post anything. Today, however, it was different. Amid a crazy day for the world (RIP ) and the elections happening, it's good to see Donald Glover speak on his creative works.

“Last project was probably my best. but the one coming will be my biggest by far,” the artist formerly known as Childish Gambino said. “There's a lot (of magic) comin,” he continued. “Ya'll thought I was hot in 2018.

Glover also speaks on his series, Atlanta, which has two seasons and last premiered back in 2018.

Earlier this year, Glover released his album, Donald Glover Presents – 3.15.20

King Von has passed away at the age of 26

King Von has passed away at the age of 26

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