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Sleepy Brown was born on January 24

When was Sleepy Brown born? Sleepy Brown was born on January 24

Producer and singer Sleepy Brown, born Patrick Leroy Brown, was born in 1970 in Savannah, Georgia. He is part of the legendary Dungeon Family behind some of Outkast’s biggest hits. He’s worked with Beyonce, Killer Mike, Jay-Z, Ludacris, and more in addition to frequently collaborating with Big Boi.

Brown is the son of Jimmy Brown, the frontman of the funk band Brick. He has a soulful style with a smooth singing voice. He’s written and produced as a solo artist as well as part of the Dungeon Family. He’s signed to Purple Ribbon Records, Big Boi’s label. You can hear him on the tracks, “The Way You Move” from Speakerboxx and “So Fresh and Luda’s “Saturday” to name a few.