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BROCKHAMPTON was originally called AliveSinceForever


was formed in 2010 and the band was originally called AliveSinceForever. It was founded by Kevin Abstract, Ameer Vann, Joba, Matt Champion, and Merlyn Wood in Texas. They all went to high school together and after Abstract made a post on 's message boards asking if anyone wanted to be in a band, 30 people replied, and in 2012 AliceSinceForever was born.

The group disbanded shortly after and rebranded as BROCKHAMPTON and later signed to RCA. Their albums include Saturation I, II, and III, Iridescence, and Ginger among others, as well as solo projects from some members. They've toured extensively and been on late-night shows like Jimmy Fallon.

Ameer Vann would leave the group in 2018 after being accused of sexual misconduct and emotional abuse by several women. This led to the shelving of the fourth album Puppy. The group announced that they would disband in 2022 and their final album would arrive that year as well.

Kevin Abstract

Kevin Abstract was born on July 16

Tupac and MasterP

Master P used to open for 2Pac