Rod Wave says his career was inspired by ex-girlfriend’s love for NBA Youngboy


Rod Wave recalls initial motivation behind his music career

is one of the most popular rappers of his day, but he probably wouldn't be where he is now were it not for an ex-girlfriend who was a staunch fan.

“One of my girls I used to fuck with, she was so fucking in love with NBA Youngboy,” Rod told his Instagram followers during a livestream. “I was like 17 years old living in my own crib. I remember she was just so fucked up about bro. And I just used to be in my living room watching bro's videos and shit and I used to be like damn, he's turned up. So I tried to turn it up. That's real shit.”

He added, “And now we here. It's crazy bruh how much a n-gga took and just used it. Like That's what made me take shit serious though, like just seeing other n-ggas. That shit inspired me.”

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