Jim Jones is getting his signees’ ‘credits fixed’ and health insurance is on the way


Capo goes a step farther for his artists welfare

wants the lives of all artists signed to his Vamp Life label to be as smooth as possible. On Thursday (February 1), the stakeholder revealed that he was midst getting his artists' credits fixed, and wanted some advice on how to get health insurances for them as well.

“I got all may artists' credit being fixed and establishing that whole side of them which I know a lot of artists really don't even have credit,” Capo said. “So the next thing I want do now that I got that going is find out how I get my artists some health insurance. So if anybody has any information on health insurance, please hit me up in the DM.

“I would like to get each of my artists that's signed to VL an opportunity to have some health insurance because a lot of people don't have health insurance and in these times where everybody's getting sick and so much things going on, this is something I would like to do for my artists.”

He added, “I know record labels don't do none of this type of shit for any of their artists that they do with. They ain't gon' help you with your credit, they not gon' give you no health insurance, there ain't no pension, there ain't no 401k. So I'm trying to fill in the gaps for my artists just as these Fortune 500 companies do for their employees and have some benefits that they could take with them.”

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