Schoolboy Q on his future in music – ‘I’ll never retire’


Schoolboy Q is ready to rap until old age

is up to record new until old age. During a recent conversation with Nadeska, the Blue Lips artist explained retirement from music has never crossed his mind and never will.

“I'll never retire — never,” the rapper said on the interview uploaded on his YouTube channel. “Artists can't retire. It's like, impossible. I'm not saying I'm gonna be rappin' forever, but I'll never retire from music. I just don't see it. How is that possible? […] Snoop's still doin' it. Dre's still doin' it. 's still doin' it. Jay's still doin' it. Em's still doin' it. Imma do it too. I keep sayin': I'm going out like B.B. King.”

He added, “I'm rappin' until I'm 80. 's still doin' it. He's in his 50s. is still new, so we don't have that many 80-year-old's still killin' it. I'm gonna be 80, still on the mic, crackin'. Imma be doing this shit forever. I don't ever plan on stopping. ‘Cause this is all I got. This is the way I express myself. I don't need a therapist, I got a microphone.”

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