Schoolboy Q refutes claims Top Dawg deliberately delays his artists albums – ‘That’s us’


Q clears the air why TDE artists take long to drop albums

sets the record straight that leader Anthony ‘' Tiffith isn't responsible for his artists' long intervals between albums.

“Muthafuckas gotta stop that. They be giving Top [Dawg] and them hell,” Q said during a recent sit-down on 's 4Hunnid podcast.

“I'ma be honest, that's us. You think Top is telling Kendrick and you can only drop one album in five years? Two of the biggest artists? He ain't gonna get no chicken!

“I think we just cuckoo in the head, bro. We all got similarities and it shows. [] didn't drop in five years, I didn't drop in five years, SZA didn't drop in five years, Dot didn't drop in five years, it done hit five for [Jay] Rock. We have something in and it's not Top. I don't see how he gains anything from doing that.”

He continued, “Me being 37, I'ma be honest with you Top, I wouldn't allow you to. He like my pops I never had so I'm going nowhere, but we gonna be arguing like a muthafucka if you making me wait five years between albums and it's not by my choice.”

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