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Lil Yachty & James Blake discuss their forthcoming album ‘Bad Cameo’ – ‘We got a really vulnerable side of Yachty’


Yachty & Blake to drop this month

and James Blake are in the final stages of putting together their upcoming album Bad Cameo, which is set for release on the last Friday of the month, June 28. The pair recently sat for an interview with Complex where they shared some details about the nature of the project.

Blake explained that the LP will be “trippy, ethereal and deep, maybe the deepest Yachty's gone.”

“We got a really vulnerable side of Yachty in some of those sessions,” he continued.

“When you vocalize something, it makes things feel a lot more real,” Yachty added, referencing a track on the album dedicated to his daughter. “So for me I think it was writing those words down, saying them, it just made me feel the way. It was just like,

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