Young Thug releases the deluxe version of “So Much Fun” with FOUR new songs


Young Thug has released the deluxe version of his first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 charts ‘.' The deluxe version of the album included FOUR new songs. “Diamonds” ft. Gunna, “Hop Off a Jet” ft. Travis Scott, “Die Today,” and “Millions”

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So Much Fun (deluxe) Tracklisting

  1. “Diamonds” feat. Gunna
  2. “Hop Off A Jet” feat. Travis Scott
  3. “Die Today”
  4. “Millions”
  5. “Hot ()” feat. Gunna & Travis Scott
  6. “Just How It Is”
  7. “Sup Mate” feat. Future
  8. “Ecstasy” feat.
  9. “Hot” feat. Gunna
  10. “Light It Up”
  11. “Surf” feat. Gunna
  12. “Bad Bad Bad” feat. Lil Baby
  13. “Lil Baby”
  14. “What's the Move?” feat.
  15. “I Bought Her” feat. Lil Duke
  16. “Jumped Out the Window”
  17. “I'm Scared” feat. &
  18. “Cartier Gucci Scarf” feat. Lil Duke
  19. “Big Tipper” feat.
  20. “Pussy”
  21. “Circle of Bosses” feat.
  22. “Mannequin Challenge” feat.
  23. “Boy Back” feat.
  24. “The London” feat. J. Cole & Travis Scott

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